Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beer Bar Burger Brawl-Lovell ME

What: Stone Double Dry Hopped IPA, Ruger Burger, Boston Creme Pie
Where: Ebenezer's Pub
44 Allen Rd
Lovell, ME 04051

How Much: $30.00 with tip

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This day's travels took me to Lovell ME (just east of Conway NH).  I had been there before and it was great.  I had to go back to see if it was as great as I remember.  It was.

Sorry about the photo quality.  I was trying to be a bit unobtrusive.

Beer menu is superb, especially if your taste runs to Belgians. My IPA obsession was not disappointed by the few, but outstanding IPA options.  The beer menu changes very frequntlys, so don't count on what you see above, but something will be there for you (except the guys who visited while I was there and asked for a blueberry beer).  They do have some watery domestics.

They had just started summer hours.  I has made the mistake earlier this year in not checking hours first and pulled in mid-week and they were not open full time yet.

There are a couple of picnic tables outside with service as well as an enclosed porch with tables and a propane heater.  I ate at the bar gazing longingly at their huge bottle selection.

Service has friendly, knowlegable and attentive.  Thanks Hannah!

Stone Double Dry Hopped IPA was everything you'd expect from an great IPA.  Sorry, taste buds have been off line for a bit that last few weeks, so no OCD taste description.  I had Rogue Dead guy last visit and it did not disappoint.

The Ruger burger (Angus Sirloin, Cheddar Cheese, with mushrooms and onions sauteed in Worcestershire  Sauce and butter) was served with best Frites I've had in New England.  Burger has medium and with provlone as requested.  Pickle was half sour and perfect. Tomato was thick and juicy and tasty considering time of year.  Romaine lettuce was crisp and fresh.  The bread was a homemade bulkie type that absorbed up all the juicy goodness without immediately falling apart.

Desert was a Boston Creme Pie that was yellow cake with a great creme filling and the entire works was dipped in chocolate and served with homemade whipped creme.

If you are in the North Conway area, it is most definitely worth the 20 minute drive to Lovell ME to eat or drink here. 

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Do not miss Ebenezer's.  It is a destination unto itself.

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