Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taco Takedown-Somerville MA

What: Tacos Al Pastor
Where: Tacos Lupita
13 Elm Street
Somerville  MA 02143
How much: $2.50 ea
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This day's travels took me to Somerville MA.  I have eaten here a bunch of times and I finally got around to taking pictures and later, posting. This place was first brought to my attention by a Boston Globe review.  When I asked around, I heard nothing but great things about it.
The tacos are freshly made by two very nice women who are always there.  I mean always.  In the several years that I have been stopping by, the same two are always at the window regardless of day or time.  You order and pay at the window and have a seat.  Sometimes they bring it out to you, sometimes not.  The place is always very clean.  I usually do take out, to enjoy the peace and quiet of the chariot (and to reinforce my liberal leanings and listen to NPR).

Al Pastor is roasted pork.  It has never been too fatty or ligamentous.  The pork is sweet glazed and well cooked.  I have tried most of the others (Carne asada de res ((grilled steak)), Lenngua de res ((tongue)), Pollo (chicken)) and Chorizo ((sausage-my number two favorite)). These appear to be soft masa tacos.  There are always two shells for each taco.  Each always has plenty of fresh tomatoes, onions and cilantro.

The green salsa served with Al Pastor is unbelievable.  It is very spicy hot, in the best possible way.  There is plenty to dress the two tacos that I usually get and have a bit more to drink if you want.

Exceptional value for the money. 

The menu is an interesting mix of Mexican and other Central American food (Cave Cibum says Salvadoran).  Other options include papusas, huaraches, mulitas, burritos, quesadillas, tortas, gorditas and sopas. The beverage options are very interesting if you want to experiment, but they have the standard stuff too.  The only time I was ever disappointed here was over Christmas vacation a couple of years ago when I tried to go with the family and they were closed (I think the staff went back to their homeland).

Don't bother to any of the chain Mexican if you are anywhere near Somerville (Urbanspoon says there are also locations of Tacos Lupitas in Lynn, Revere, Lawrence and Haverhill). Go to Tacos Lupita!

A great taco!.

I'd give it 5.5B/6. (Well, a 6B/6 for Boston)

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Tacos Lupita on Urbanspoon

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